We partner with schools to create compelling narratives and to develop holistic plans for digital engagement. In other words, we connect your story and strategy.

One principle guides our work: sending the right signal attracts the right people. Your school is a community - of students and faculty, of applicants and alumni, of staff and partners. We'll define and express the common truth that unites and guides your school, inviting engagement and growth across digital products, platforms, and channels.

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Brian Lemond Managing Partner


Your story is the common thread stitching your audiences into a community.

Our work highlights that thread while calibrating your brand expression to each circumstance. We’ve spoken to prospective students imagining themselves on campus, to alumni considering how to give, to policymakers weighing capital projects, and to journalists shaping perceptions far and wide.

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Engagement Master Planning

Strategy guides everything we do.

We'll audit and evaluate your digital ecosystem - platforms, channels, and practices - and make recommendations that optimize resources, spark initiatives, and deliver meaningful impact.

Knox College's Phase by Phase Engagement Master Planning

Institutions are complex. You have many stakeholders, each responsible for their own important territories. One of the most important things we do is take the time to hear from every corner. That helps us develop clear goals and objectives, and to facilitate alignment. So much of our shared success comes down to the people implementing the plan.

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Alex Filippone Senior Strategist

Accessible for all

Inclusive design builds inclusive communities.

Each of our strategists, designers, and developers works to meet or exceed WCAG and ADA accessibility standards at every step, ensuring your school sends an important signal by inviting and accommodating universal participation.

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Photo of Brian Lemond

Brian Lemond Managing Partner