American University in Cairo: AUC100 A centennial celebration

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  • User Experience

  • Web Design

  • Development

For 100 years, American University in Cairo has been a cornerstone of higher education in Egypt. We worked with the institution to create the digital hub for a full year of celebrations, inviting alumni and friends to participate in recognizing this incredible milestone.

Section 1.Bold design for a bright future

We balanced the feeling of this moment, place, and culture while also honoring the past and pointing to the future. The design features bold colors and calligraphic abstractions drawn from the tughra – a traditional seal. These elements, paired with a dynamic layout, create a layered, textured tapestry of diverse content.

Each element was carefully crafted to support Arabic translation and right-to-left reading orientation.

Section 2.Documenting 100 years of history

A robust slate of events welcomes visitors into the conversation about the school’s rich history and ambitious vision. And to capture 100 years of history, we created an immersive timeline to accommodate a wide array of milestones. Content admins can add videos, photos, or a simple text item to mark various points, highlighting a diverse body of thought and accomplishment.

04 American University in Cairo Individual Timeline A

Section 3.Inviting a personal touch

Intuitive calls-to-action invite the school’s global community to share their perspective on the school’s impact in their lives. Each story contributes to a deep, layered portrait of the influence of the school, and encourages other visitors to the site to become active participants in the celebration.

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