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AT&T AdWorks is a major player in the targeted advertising space. Over our 4-year relationship, we supported its growth from a new offering to a must-buy opportunity for advertisers nationwide. From print and digital display advertising to out-of-home media at key industry events, our work with AT&T AdWorks consistently pushed creative boundaries and outperforms industry benchmarks.


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Performance advertising.

Who says no one clicks on digital display ads anymore? To highlight AT&T AdWorks’ ability to find the true audience for brands, we juxtaposed common demographic stereotypes with real audience interests that only AT&T AdWorks could deliver. The creative spanned a vast array of display formats and media placements to produce major eyeball consumption. Our digital creative crushed expectations, with click-through rates dramatically outperforming industry averages.

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Seizing the moment.

AT&T’s acquisition of DIRECTV was a huge milestone for both brands, combining the data intelligence of AT&T AdWorks with the massive scale of DIRECTV. Our CG-visualization team created a nationwide map composed of audience members, artfully conveying the combined offering of AT&T AdWorks and DIRECTV: more precision at the individual household level, but with national reach.

The “More is More” campaign premiered at the Cannes Lions Festival where our bright teaser banners were impossible to miss, then returned to New York to take over Times Square for Advertising Week.

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