Business and Sustainable Development Commission Building a compelling case for global business leaders.

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The Business and Sustainable Development Commission is on a mission. Its research aims to prove that building a better world is not just ethical, but in business leaders’ economic interest. We worked with the Business Commission to realize their message through modern branding and a compelling web presence.

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The Business Commission is charged with getting businesses on board to achieve 17 ambitious objectives — including the end to poverty, hunger, and gender inequality — by 2030. We set out to create a visual identity that could support such a monumental cause. We needed to create an identity that was clean and appropriate, while still conveying progress, excitement, and opportunity.

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The new brand identity considered all applications, scaling to accommodate the needs of varied media and contexts from sponsorships to mobile devices.

Section 1.Engaging a global audience.

We focused the website on the Business Commission’s most compelling aspects: its groundbreaking research, expert reports, and renowned commissioners. Over 20,000 visitors from all over the world have visited The Business Commission website since site launch.

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We also created a digital hub for world leaders to download the Business Commission’s annual report. The report microsite supplements the 122-page report with concise case studies and video to make the findings tangible and engaging. Released at the World Economic Forum in January 2017, the annual report has been downloaded 7,000 times by leaders in the UK, US, Denmark, Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Germany, Norway, Australia, and more.

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