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The Global Initiative for Justice, Truth and Reconciliation, GIJTR, is the flagship program of the International Coalition of Sites of Conscience. GIJTR is a group of nine organizations working with local communities and national governments in countries struggling to confront human rights violations.

To support their work building a more just world, we crafted a new verbal and visual brand identity and a new website – helping them speak more clearly to a wide array of audiences, raise awareness of their powerful work and approach, and inspire the action that leads to change.

Section 1.Developing a foundation for better communication

GIJTR is an organization rooted in complexity – it spans multiple organizations, works with small organizations and national governments, and directly engages survivors while also addressing academia. Our team worked with leadership, staff, and organizational partners to develop a deep understanding of their mission, goals, and methodology. We then built a robust verbal identity to help them speak clearly and consistently on every channel and to every audience.

Empowered with new positioning, GIJTR can focus on their vision – building a just world.

Section 2.A visual expression of values

To complement the new verbal identity, we created a visual identity that reflects the collaboration, openness, and organic nature of GIJTR’s approach. A new logo conveys the rippling impacts of their work and the distinct layers they engage – local partnership, community engagement, national policy, and global movement. A new color palette and fresh typography speak to both their dynamism and the maturity of their practice. Together, the new brand system shows the many facets of GIJTR’s character, and provides the organization with the assets and tools required for all digital and traditional channels.

A modern identity that captures the essence of a dynamic organization

The logomark and visual brand express the 'ripple effect' of GIJTR's work – working at many scales, with each connection powering broader change.

GIJTR Brand 02 01new

Brand guidance for every circumstance

We created a robust style guide to empower the GIJTR team – and every organization in their global cohort – to consistently and effectively use the brand across all digital and traditional channels.

GIJTR Brand image slider 1 new
GIJTR Brand image slider 2 new
GIJTR Brand image slider 6 new
GIJTR Brand image slider 3 new
GIJTR Brand image slider 7 new
GIJTR Brand image slider 5 new
GIJTR Brand image slider 8 new

Section 3.Connecting with partners and audiences online

The new GIJTR website makes it easy for a small, dedicated team to manage content production and publication. The site communicates the organization's values, approach, and impact, deepening understanding and sparking action through dynamic storytelling.

Design for a global community

We created multi-language options help them share their work, provide resources, tell stories of survivors, and engage audiences around the world.

GIJTR Mobile 01 event

Bringing stories to life

A modular, flexible design system allows GIJTR to craft compelling, accessible narratives of individual survivors and local communities through clear storytelling and dynamic multimedia.

GIJTR Web 04 neww

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