National Constitution Center: Drafting Table Behind the scenes of our founding documents.

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Our team worked with the National Constitution Center to consolidate three unique online learning experiences into a single educational tool. The Drafting Table invites audiences to explore the origins of the Constitution and its amendments to see how the documents were shaped and how they continue to shape our modern society.

Section 1.Putting users first.

Building on data from our interviews and usability research, we identified three core activities visitors sought – to view documents, to analyze specific language relative to constitutional themes, and to compare versions of documents. Each feature contributes to the user's understanding of the intentions, considerations, and explorations that produced the specific language acting as the very DNA of the United States today.

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Section 2.Consolidating disparate tools.

The Drafting Table combines two legacy online tools and a new in-person exhibit interactive. We produced a research context from stakeholder interviews, user testing, and extensive content evaluation to diagnose usability and content-clarity issues. We built on that understanding to craft a unified user experience.

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Section 3.Complex content made simple.

The final text of an article or amendment is only a single chapter in a rich story. Showcasing the origins and evolution of language and the intentions behind the words was essential to convey the history and significance of each text. Users can read each iteration of a document, learn about relevant events, and discover the people who influenced the text. Each document also features scholarly content highlighting the impacts of authors' choices.

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Section 4.Clear interactions.

A streamlined design and visual hierarchy contribute to the site's ease of use, despite the dense, complex nature of the content. Users are encouraged to read rich information through digestible content chunks, funnels to key interaction points, and clear calls to action.

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