National Constitution Center: Exchange Finder Connecting classrooms across the country.

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  • Research & strategy

  • User Experience

  • Web Design

  • Development

We worked with the National Constitution Center to connect classrooms across the country for moderated constitutional discussions. We replaced a complex, manual process with an automated, data-driven one. Participants submit their preferences, and the tool does the rest, creating optimal pairings, issuing notifications and instructions, and setting up each unique video conference.

Section 1.Plan. Prioritize. Execute.

The Center came to us with an ambitious vision, a significant need, and a limited budget. We balanced strategy and creativity, guiding the Center staff through a discovery, ideation, and feature prioritization process to define a minimum viable product (MVP) – the leanest version of a tool that will deliver meaningful value. This exercise resulted in clear expectations and a working roadmap to both the first release and subsequent versions, satisfying the Center's immediate need and supporting work on future grants.

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Section 2.Moving quickly to maximize output.

Following a rapid evaluation and planning process, we dove into development sprints. Over eight weeks, we delivered a continuous stream of features and functionality, from teacher and moderator on boarding to an algorithmic pairing engine to produce perfect matches.

Section 3.Empowering teachers to grow their lesson plan.

Teachers build class profiles around availability and topics of interest, then are paired with other classrooms. The system automates the matching, video conference setup, notifications, resource distribution, and moderator assignment for each exchange. The Center staff sits back and enjoys the show.

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