Phillips Academy Andover Helping a new generation of leaders picture themselves at Andover.



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Phillips Academy Andover is an independent secondary school with a deep heritage and history of academic excellence. Today, students can work with 3D printers in the makerspace, take classes on hacking, or go on archeological digs. Brooklyn Digital Foundry worked with Andover to bring that diverse and modern experience to life online.

Section 1.Reflecting community and personality through design.

We spoke to numerous students, parents and alumni, poured over a history of photography, and spent hours exploring the charming New England campus. We discovered that, although rooted in history, the Andover experience of today balances innovation and academic rigor with an incredible community of welcoming and playful students, alumni, leadership, faculty, and staff.

To help prospective students (who are primarily in middle school) picture themselves at Andover, we crafted a digital experience that brings the relatable people and personality of the school to the forefront, creating a sense of connection to this social, physical Andover experience.


A backend that works harder.

When we began working with Andover, the website housed a web of thousands of pages. Users were struggling to find information and website administrators dreamed of a lean system to keep the website manageable and relevant.

Brooklyn Digital Foundry ensured the new website design was supported by strong usability on the front and back end. Working together, we made great progress to consolidate and prioritize content for users, bringing the most important pieces of information clearly to the forefront. The resulting modular system allows for variability while maintaining consistency and structure.

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