Presence Helping children lead fulfilling lives


  • Product & platform strategy

  • Video direction & production

  • Naming

  • Messaging & Copy

  • Brand development

  • Website Design & Development

  • Image production

Presence is the longtime leader in teletherapy for children with special needs. Following a period of extremely rapid growth and increasing competition, Presence engaged the Foundry to fully reimagine their brand architecture, verbal and visual identity, their sales and marketing digital platform, and a wide range of content strategy and production. We continue to build on our success, shaping digital and brand strategy for new business units, evaluating performance of the new tools, and producing signature multichannel content.

Section 1.Building the foundation

Through interviews, surveys, and workshops, we built a deep understanding and genuine trust with Presence leadership. Working together, we clarified the core vision, mission, and differentiation of the company, then extended that strategy across myriad brand, digital, and content executions. Presence emerged with a new name and a fresh, distinctive, and dynamic verbal and visual brand identity.

Strategic evolution

Building on our analysis of the Presence brand and website, we focused our work across 4 key criteria – describing their value, orienting audiences, guiding visitors to the right content, and motivating prospects to take critical actions.

Section 2.Springing forward

Presence helps every child, clinician, educator, and administrator achieve their potential. We centered the visual brand around the ‘springboard’ motif to illustrate the inflection point Presence represents to so many children and professionals. We worked closely with the Presence team to find the perfect combination of fresh, ownable colors, modern typography, and strong composition. That paid off with the internal brand launch generating company-wide excitement and alignment.

Launching the new brand across channels, products, and departments demanded consistency. We crafted formal brand guidelines and produced a digital brand center to ensure everyone had the assets and guidance they needed.

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Section 3.Digital for today, and tomorrow

The redesigned website helps Presence cement their leadership position, fill their sales funnels, and tailor their approach to specific audience needs. With a robust research and insights hub, Presence shares their experience with decision makers, clinicians, parents, and influencers. Navigation and storytelling puts audiences first, shepherding them to the content they seek, and priming them to access resources or connect with the Presence team. And with comprehensive analytics in place, Presence more effectively monitors the efficacy of sales and marketing efforts.

With key sales windows occurring as our team moved the new brand and website forward, we concurrently delivered crucial, timely updates to the existing website – improved navigation, targeted experience updates, and enhanced conversion funnels.

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Even the best system needs great content. Through copywriting, imagery curation, and the production of signature illustrations, we ensured Presence captures the attention of audiences on the website and beyond.

Section 4.Introducing a therapy platform

With the rise of remote work and the clear need for remote education and therapy delivery, the award-winning Presence teletherapy platform represents a key source of revenue growth and diversification. We helped Presence define the platform’s relationship to other strategic business objectives and initiatives, shape communications strategies, name the digital platform, build a distinctive brand identity still subtly tied to the parent brand, and support the rollout to diverse audiences of schools, clinical agencies, and individual practitioners.

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Launching where users are.

To minimize launch costs and drive maximum awareness of the Kanga platform, we spun out customizable pages within the main Presence website, helping visitors see Kanga as part of a holistic offering from the field leader.

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