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Brooklyn Digital Foundry has a six-year partnership with Alloy Development, helping the real estate firm better market its properties and engage buyers. We recently completed a redesign of Alloy's own website, working to convey the company's highly unique approach to development.

  • 50% more page views

  • 15% stickier browsing

Throughout the design we kept the idea of a “reveal” in mind: revealing the architecture, revealing the design thinking that went into the buildings, and revealing the communities in which Alloy works.

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Section 1.50% more page views and 15% stickier browsing.

We set out to design a website that was more mature, more accomplished, and more reflective of Alloy’s current active role in the development community. The result is a clean, unadorned design that keeps the focus on Alloy’s projects. We also wanted to feature Alloy's committed team to humanize the firm to prospective clients and potential future hires.

Section 2.Developing a shared language.

We collaborated closely with Alloy’s team, who had a firm point of view on their design sensibility. Knowing this, we made sure to develop a solid base of understanding with Alloy regarding the aesthetic for the site. Yes, we made mood boards. But our team also visited their real estate properties and hosted collaborative workshops with the Alloy team on typography, navigation styles, color and more.

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