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The Center for Fiction

Inviting readers and writers into a world of fiction.

The Center for Fiction is the only nonprofit organization in the US dedicated to the art of fiction. Brooklyn Digital Foundry redesigned The Center for Fiction’s website to shine a light on its rich stories, writing tools, and dynamic programming.


Research & Strategy

User Experience

Web Design


A vibrant new home.

Transitioning to a new building in the bustling Brooklyn Cultural District, The Center challenged us to speak to a broader, younger audience of fiction-lovers and families. We designed the new website with dynamism and warmth in mind, using bold colors and sophisticated linework to capture the energy of The Center’s identity.

1 Center For Fiction Website Homepage Design

Content meets its fullest potential.

While The Center is home to a wide range of resources for readers and writers, navigating these resources on the old site took a back seat. Drawing on user research and testing, we built a new navigational system to bring book recommendations, writing tools, essays, interviews, podcasts, and videos to the top.

4 Center For Fiction Website Editorial A Left@2X
5 Center For Fiction Website All Contents Right@2X

A seamless experience from online to offline.

Events and programming are the number one reason people visit the website. We designed event and workshop pages to tie in directly with The Center’s online store to make registration and purchasing seamless. Now, a visitor interested in a book discussion can register for the event and purchase the featured book all in one place.

2 Center For Fiction Website Event Detail Left
3 Center For Fiction Website Checkout Right

The redesigned website is a warm, welcoming space get information, and a destination where visitors explore content and make connections.

9 Center For Fiction Website Mobile
8 Center For Fiction Website Mobile
7 Center For Fiction Website Mobile