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As Designtex sought to build on 60 years of pioneering textile design, they engaged the Foundry to reimagine their digital platform – bringing innovation to how customers discover, source, and customize materials. The new helps specifiers understand their unique approach and offerings, and invites them to create their own designs through the Designtex Digital Studio.

Section 1.Weaving a unified platform

Building on a host of interviews, analyses, and assessments, we partnered with Designtex to bring together 13 websites, consolidating their product catalog and showcasing their expertise while empowering internal editorial and operational teams.

Building bridges with tech

A headless, hybrid solution spans marketing and product needs, integrating seamlessly with the Designtex ERP, replacing legacy technologies and tools to connect customers, sales representatives, content producers, product teams, and production facilities.

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Driving results with data

For the first time in its 60+ year history, Designtex has robust analytics in place, tracking engagement and efficacy to inform key business decisions and tailor future content and feature releases.

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Section 2.Customization reimagined

The new Designtex Digital Studio creates an entirely new product category – on-demand, user-driven textile manufacturing. With end to end integration spanning the product catalog, customer specification, realtime 3D visualization, and sample generation, the tool empowers designers to explore possibilities and quickly tailor products.

Created in collaboration with Hoffman Creative and North Sea Air.
Substrates & patterns | Explore the benefits of different substrates before browsing Designtex’s massive pattern catalog.
Color & scale | Choose from preset colorways or create your own, then select an object or environment to tune the pattern scale.

Section 3.All you need to know

The new website seamlessly stitches products, stories, and resources, helping customers make more informed choices. Through robust search and filtration, audiences can quickly surface and refine selections, reviewing product specifications and resource guides to confirm key performance details. And the site encourages visitors to explore stories about collaborations and how the catalog reflects Designtex’s longstanding commitment to sustainability – further enhancing brand engagement and driving key conversions.

A helping hand

To help visitors navigate the product catalog, the site invites exploration in numerous ways – featured product hotspots, yardage calculators, and guides for assets, resources, and tools.

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