Arts & Culture

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Traditions, artifacts, and stories represent who we are – our histories and techniques, our values and intentions. The production and preservation of cultures and cultural expressions connect our pasts and futures. We partner with iconic institutions and mission-driven organizations to build those bridges. Together, we create tools and experiences that support communities, deepen understanding, and invite discovery.

Our arts and culture clients are facing serious headwinds. Competition is fierce, and audiences have more choices than ever. Partners, sponsors, and funders are redefining relationships as they grapple with uncertainty. It’s an evolutionary moment, and innovation is the key to surviving and thriving.

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Brian Lemond Managing Partner

Ecosystem master planning

Strategy for smart choices and wise investments.

A solid foundation is essential to ensure every step we take together returns real value. We’ll audit and evaluate your digital platforms, channels, and practices, then we’ll make recommendations that optimize resources, spark initiatives, and deliver meaningful impact for you and your audiences.

Tools for tomorrow

Digital innovation for new models

From ideation and facilitation to design and implementation, we bring 20 years of experience to helping organizations and institutions navigate uncharted waters. We’ll work with you to identify possible paths, and to understand the financial, technical, and schedule implications of every option. Once you’re ready, we’ll step forward together – refining priorities, designing experiences, prototyping features, and building the tools you’ll need for the future.

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Digital architecture

Imagine a stair that builds beneath your feet with each step.

By understanding audiences, we’re able to tailor structure, content, and experience to meet people on their journey. This reduces the energy users devote to deciphering what’s possible, and also fosters curiosity. Across programs, membership, education, and collections, we work with organizations to turn visitors into explorers.

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Our work goes beyond the digital tools we create. Drawing on our experience developing brands and content helps us offer sophisticated counsel on integrating our work into organizational workflows.

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Alex Filippone Digital Strategist


Inclusive design builds inclusive communities.

The modern web is used by increasingly diverse audiences representing a wide range of familiarity and ability. Each of our strategists, designers, and developers works to meet or exceed WCAG and ADA accessibility standards at every step, ensuring you send an important signal by inviting and accommodating universal participation.

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